Horseyfied Educational Articles

We’ve created this page to share educational articles about training and behaviour that were originally written by experts in other species.


We’ve translated them to “horse” (most often simply by changing the word “dog”, “bird”, “sea-lion” or “rhinoceros” to “horse” or “pony”) and we have added examples and photographs that are more relevant to our equine friends.

We’re really pleased to have been granted permission by the authors to modify them to make them relevant to horses, ponies, donkeys or mules and to share them with you.


While there are of course differences in the ethology of each different species, what we do know is that all organisms on the planet – horse, hound, hippo, husband and hamster – all learn the same ways.

We also know that the brains of mammals have much in common, such as the similarities in terms of how emotions are experienced, how learning and behaviour change comes about, and also in terms of the way in which the endocrine systems (hormones) function in mammalian species.

In each article, you will find the details of the original author and a link to their original article.


We are really grateful to our compatriots and allies in the wider world of animal behaviour and training for allowing us to translate their material for your enjoyment.





From Eileen Anderson of

6 Myths about Positive Reinforcement Training