About us

Horse Charming is a collaboration between a small group of like-minded professionals who share the same goals and aspirations for the care and training of equines.

We work together to bring affordable education, training, inspiration and support to owners and loaners of horses and ponies, mules and donkeys who wish to learn about horse-centred horse care and the training of equines using positive reinforcement, managed habituation, systematic desensitisation and counter-conditioning.

Horse Charming as an organisation was founded in 2012 by Maxine Easey and is her brainchild.

The Horse Charming organisation includes the following people.

Please click on their name to find out more about each of our team members and their special interests and skills.

Maxine Easey – based in the Scottish Borders, UK.

Alison Willis – based in Scarborough in North Yorkshire, UK.

Catherine Redwood – based in Lancashire in the UK.

Clare Wilbraham – in Spain.

Emma McLean based in Essex, UK

Tracey Whelan – based in Shropshire, UK.

Vikki Fear – based in Bretforton, Worcestershire UK

Vikki Spit – based in Alston in Cumbria, in the north of the UK.

Emma McLean based in Essex, UK.

To read more about the concept of Horse Charming and about Max’s philosophy and beliefs click here.

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