The Non-Ridden Equine – Getting Started with Positive Reinforcement – Video Lesson Offer

We are really pleased to announce that we are offering a discounted rate to those of you who are members of the Non-ridden Equine Association, to enable you to get started with training your horse or pony using non-aversive (no pressure) methods.

These methods include positive reinforcement (which we use for training the animal to perform specific behaviours on cue) and systematic desensitisation and counter-conditioning (which we use to help horses become confident and relaxed about things they may encounter in their environment or about the procedures we or our vets or trimmers will be using to take care of them).

We offer two foundation lessons in how to get started, and these lessons cover the safety and management aspects of training equines with positive reinforcement, how to establish calm behaviour around food, how to teach a default behaviour that will mean the horse or pony will not forage on us for food, and how to get started with the cornerstone of equine positive reinforcement training – target training.

Spartacus goes down the mine

We normally provide these two lessons at a cost of £30 each, which includes detailed written instructions, support by email or private message, and the ability to submit video of your training with your equine for personalised and detailed feedback on how to improve.

For those who are members of the Non-Ridden Equine Association we will be offering these lessons at a reduced rate of £50 for the two “getting started” lessons. You can then go on to take further lessons that focus on the objectives you have in mind for your horse or pony friend longer term.

At Horse Charming, we have a lot of clients who for many different reasons have found themselves taking care of horses, ponies, donkeys or mules that are either unable to be ridden for psychological or physical reasons, or that the owner has chosen not to ride at all.

We aren’t anti-riding, and over half of our team of instructors and coaches regularly ride their own horses, and we all get involved in training horses to be ridden and driven using positive reinforcement, for those who want to do so. Some of us also go out on walks with our horses, whether we ride them or not. We’re happy to support you with your non-ridden as well as any ridden equines you have and everything we do is relevant to both.

Here’s a video of Horse Charming professional Alison Willis on a walk in the woods with her horse Bracken.

Because we find that we share many of the values of the leaders of the non-ridden equine movement, we are really thrilled to be able to offer professional and personalised help to people who would like to do more with their non-ridden horse or pony friend without feeling any pressure to ride or to justify why they don’t.

We are particularly keen on and have experts in such topics such as:

  • environmental enrichment for equines
  • positive reinforcement training as physical therapy (positive reinforcement approaches to things like straightness training, equine pilates / yoga, physiotherapy exercises, core-building, rehab after injury) that are especially good for those whose focus is on their animals living long and healthy lives or avoiding future injury
  • positive reinforcement training as exercise – for those who are keen to ensure their animal maintains a healthy weight and fitness level
  • husbandry and healthcare – helping horses better handle being groomed, positive approaches to treating wounds and injuries, training for injections, hoof trimming, vet treatment, dentistry and so on
  • Agility – we have a former Horse Agility Accredited Trainer in our team and a number of clients actively involved either in doing agility or in participating in the Fairhorsemanship challenges that are run by our friend Alizé Veillard-Muckensturm of Fairhorsemanship. These challenges require only positive reinforcement to be used with horses and ponies.
  • in hand hacking / trail walking with equines – at least 3 of our team regularly take out their horses or ponies in hand and go on on-foot hacks or trail walking – either with ridden companions or with other non-ridden company
  • we also have folk who specialise in training rescues and who excel at handling emotionally damaged horses and ponies

You can choose to take your lessons with any of our Horse Charming professionals or we can assign someone to you based either on your location or on what you most want to do with your horse or pony. To find out more about the members of our team click here.

To find out more about what our video lessons involve, click here.

If you’d also like to know about the full range of education and training we provide, click here.

We’re super excited about the formation of this movement as we feel it will provide a great community for all of us who have equines who we choose not to ride. We look forward to helping anyone who wants to create a better life for their non-ridden horse or pony.

To take advantage of this offer please contact any one of our team members listed here.