Christine Winge

Christine is our first Horse Charming Professional in Norway.

Christine can be contacted by email on, by phone on 0047 48261308 or on Facebook.

Here’s What Christine has to say about herself:

My horse journey started when I was 11 years old. A woman who owned two draft horses let me ride them as much as I wanted, so I spent almost every day in the stable. After a few years, one of them had a foal – and I got the full responsibility for training the little one. I had no idea what I was doing, knew nothing about learning theory and got little to no coaching. I know now that I mostly used negative reinforcement. However, I always strived to be as gentle as I could. We didn’t do much serious training; we mostly went for small hacks, or simply spent time together in the arena.

This horse shaped my view on what a relationship with a horse should look like. Sure, I loved riding her out on the trail, but what made me the happiest, was the simple fact that she would come galloping from the other side of the field when she heard me calling. When I later got a horse of my own, this was what I wanted our relationship to be. I remember thinking that if my horse greeted me at the gate and wanted to spend time with me, that was all I wanted.

After I stopped training her, I had many years almost without horses in my life. Until spring 2014 when I finally got a horse of my own. I bought Frøya when she was only six months old, almost untouched. She had never worn a halter, had never been brushed, did not accept being touched anywhere other than her wither area and was quite quick to resort to kicking and biting if she felt unsure about something. 19-year-old me had no clue what to do.


After seeking advice on the great internet, I found Natural Horsemanship (as many people do).

I stuck with it for a long time, until she was about two years old. In short, it made me incredibly sad to see how much pressure was needed for her to do what I wanted. I looked all around the internet to see if I could find another way. I found a few videos and trainers talking about positive reinforcement, and also some great groups on Facebook. We tried to start using this training approach on our own a few times – but Frøya had so much food anxiety (among other things) that it got really dangerous. She actually attacked me out of pure stress, and I naturally got very scared. I was SO close to calling it quits and decide that «treats just didn’t work for us» – when I was contacted by Max who offered me lessons.

Winter 2016, I therefore made the decision to switch to strictly positive reinforcement – with Max’s help.

Since then, we have done so much together. We have attended several clinics with Margrete Lie ( She is the person in Norway with the most education when it comes to horse behaviour. From her I have also learned about Academic Art of Riding (using positive reinforcement, of course), which has become a big interest of mine.

But the most important thing we have accomplished is that I now have a horse who comes running when she hears me calling, and who just loves our training sessions. All horses deserve to have this kind of relationship with their humans (and vice versa), and I would love to help make that happen.

I am really excited to join the Horse Charming team and look forward to helping people in Norway in person and around the world by internet!